Mule Deer Hunting Lodge 25

The Ranch

The ranch is nearly 2000 acres of undisturbed, natural winter range that is used heavily by mule deer and elk as well. Every year, around the first week of October, mule deer begin their trek from summer range to their winter range regardless of weather conditions. However, early snow will influence and increase movement. According to our local DOW officers and biologists, these deer travel the same routes and use the same ranges year after year. Most of the deer on the ranch will have traveled an average of 30 miles to get here. Some will have traveled more and have done it in a few days. Most will stay on the ranch until they are pushed to lower elevations by heavy snow that usually comes late December. Some of them have a different destination and are simply passing through. Seeing over a hundred deer in a day is not uncommon and keeps the hunt exciting and entertaining.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147