Mule Deer Hunting Rifle

Rates & Dates

The ranch is located in game unit 78. All deer hunting is by draw only. We encourage all hunters that are booked and intend to hunt with us to apply for a license. Return hunters will have first opportunity to fill openings. Please contact us before applying for a license. We do receive landowner vouchers as well and they can generate openings depending on the draw. We do not hunt archery or muzzle loader seasons simply because the deer are not here during that time. However, bows and muzzle loaders are legal during the rifle seasons and you are welcome to use them. Bull elk tags are available over-the-counter during the 2nd and 3rd seasons. Paid deer hunters are welcome to purchase elk tags and take elk at no additional cost.

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Second Season is Saturday Oct 17 -20 at a cost of $3,000 per hunter.
Second Season “B” is Thursday Oct 22 – 25 at $3,000 per hunter.
Third Season is Saturday Oct 31 – Nov 3 at $4,000 per hunter.
Third Season “B” is Thursday Nov 5 – 8 at $4,000 per hunter.
Fourth Season is Wednesday Nov 11 – 15 at $5,000 per hunter.



Colorado Parks & Wildlife Website

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