Hunting License/Hunter Education Card:
First and foremost when packing! DO NOT FORGET THESE!

Rifle and Ammo:
We recommend the higher caliber magnums. (.300 Rem Ultra mag, .300 Win Mag, 7mm Rem mag, ect.) We recommend they are fitted with quality optics and folding, extendable bi-pods. We recommend you practice shooting from all positions and with the ammo you intend to hunt with. The further you can shoot accurately the better your chances of a successful hunt. You should be comfortable at 250 yards minimum

Shooting Sticks:                                                                                                                     A quality pair of extendable shooting stick is highly recommended.

Binoculars and Range Finder:
Every serious Mule deer hunter needs good binoculars and a range finder. They do get expensive but they are worth every penny. Being able to judge deer at long distances is crucial. We use and highly suggest Leica Geovid 10×42 HD w/rangefinder. Many of our hunters have returned the following year with a pair of Leica Geovids.

Spotting Scopes:
They can be helpful but they can be a nuisance to carry. Bring them if you have one but don’t run out and buy one.

All hunters must wear a minimum of 500 sq/in. of solid fluorescent orange, including the head. You will need a hat and a vest. We prefer solid upland game bird vests. These vests have plenty of pockets that allow you to carry everything you’ll need for the day. The weather can be very unpredictable. It can be as cold as -10 or as hot as 75. You will want a variety of layers, footwear and gloves to choose from.

They can be brought but we will not use them unless it is absolutely necessary. The deer really do not care for them. If they are used, hard cases for rifles are required by Colorado law.

Ice Chests:
Two large chests per deer. You will need these to transport your game home. The ranch has a walk-in cooler on site to care for the meat while you are here. There is also a commercial ice machine for your departure.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147